Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cliffnotes

The Cliff Notes Version of Life in the Vir
gin Islands

I believe that life cannot get much better than this. The only thing that I am missing is friends and family. Fortunately, I am meeting new people all the time and finding ways to enjoy, just living. Aside from work, my life has been busy with snorkeling, diving, running, reading, and online scrap booking (it is way cooler than it sounds). I am meeting people all the time, and have become good friends with a few of the girls I work with. I am stoked I have 2 more months here!!


My apartment from the front

My apartment from the back

On the lawn, behind my apartment is where the iguanas like to lay out. Today, I decided to go out and feed them the lettuce I had that was too gross for me to eat....they, on the other hand, loved it.

There are also lots of these touch sensitive plants here. I love touch sensitive plants!


The labor rooms are tiny

The hall, with the nurses station on the right


One of my adventures, I went with my friend Annie to St John, a 15 min ferry ride away. We hiked to an old house and yes, lay on the beach.

My friend Chris and I took a trip to Coral World on $2 local day. Fun to be a local.

There are several sea turtles around here, and I've seen them a couple of times while snorkeling, but it was cool to learn a little more about them

I have yet to see a seahorse while diving, but I am keeping my fingers crossed

I finally attained my goal of seeing a shark, in the if I could only see one in the wild. Nurse sharks are apparently common around here.

Chris thought that this fish was very cute, I don't think the fish was as interested in him.

Yummy starfish!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th

What does the 4th of July look like in the Virgin Islands? I was curious, so I kept my camera near by all my locker, at work.

When I got home from work, I was able to see the fireworks over on St John from the beach at my apartment.

Not actually fireworks in the VI

Truth be told the , the fireworks were a bit underwhelming. I got a bit bored with my camera.

I think this one looks like a smiley face

This is my favorite picture of the Virgin Islands on the 4th

...Wait this is what the Virgin Islands look like everyday

And this is what I look like every day

Smiling on the beach
With a 'tude, not on the beach

Don't you want to come and see this stuff?