Monday, August 31, 2009


The invitation was sent out and the call was answered.

I've had the craziest few weeks. I've been busy with work, preparing for my new job, and visitors!

I've loved having friends come and see me.

On August 11th, my friend Patrick Nelson came out to visit me. Unfortunately, I worked most of the days that he was here, so he was forced to fend for himself. When I wasn't working, we snorkeled, went to St John, hung out on the beach, and relaxed. We were horrible at taking photos while he was here, but we had a good time nonetheless.

Patrick on the beach

On August 27th, my brother Seppo and my friend Cyrus came out to visit me. I was a little worried because Cyrus and Seppo did't know each other. Fortunately, it was nothing but late night chats and pillow fights.

Here is a summary of our weekend:


We relaxed, snorkeled, made pizza, and night snorkeled. Fun but pictureless


We spend the morning with my friend Brad at Magen's bay. We paddle boarded, jousted, played "knock each other into the water", and spend an hour paddling into the wind and current, to get back to shore. The adventure at Magens was followed by shakes at "Udder Delight," and a tour of Peterborg.

Magen's Bay

Getting ready to leave Magen's

Udder delight

Udder joy

Brad teaching us how to fish for tarantulas

Seppo and Cyrus listening intently

Exploring Peterborg
From the end of Peterborg

Dead crab

Brad, me, and Cyrus
at the end of Peterborg

Feeding the iguanas behind my house

Cyrus being an iguana behind my house


Seppo and I went for a 14 mile run. It was exhausting, but overall a pretty good run. The hills, heat, and humidity were a killer, but I felt tough. The afternoon was filled with napping and tennis.

We decided that evening to go camping. My friend Brad had suggested kayaking out to Mango island, an uninhabited island about an hour of kayaking away. We were only able to commandeer 2 kayaks. One 2-man, and one 1-man. No problem...except Seppo had a friend fly in from St Martin.

Against good advice, with 2 hours of day light we piled into the kayaks and made our way to mango island. We made it safely, but only after one of the kayaks capsized 3 times, soaking all of our stuff. Including the matches. (we failed to compeletly seal our "dry bags.")

We made it across as the sun set, and set up camp on the beach. With no matches, and most of our things soaking wet, Seppo and Cyrus set out to make a fire...with sticks. They failed. We had cold veggie dogs, snacks, and water for dinner and turned in for an early night. We had no tent and no sleeping bags. No big deal...until it started to rain. Cyrus and I stayed out in the rain, hoping it would end soon, while Seppo and Celine crouched underneath a small ratted tarp that had been set up there. Wet, I finally ran for cover. Soaked, Cyrus waited it out. The 20 min burst of rain, meant the remainder of the night was freezing, but we all slept a little...except Cyrus.

Sunset (attack of the islands)

Lunch before leaving. Celine was laughing the whole was awesome

Cyrus set up his hammock, but ended up sleeping on the the rain

The attempt at a fire

Cyrus and me on Mango Island, at sunset.
Sunrise on Mango


We kayaked back in the morning. Celine and Seppo left for St John and Cyrus and I went to church. After church, we met up with Seppo and Celine for a drive around St John and a walk around the old plantations.

On the car ferry to St John

The plantation graveyard, Cyrus and I are deciding whose is whose.

Work it
Seppo and me at an old plantation

The trip was a success!
Next week...Jared Mooney :)