Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Girls and Mountains

Utah has been great. I've been spending every second during the day with my adorable nieces, and every moment in the evening with Micheal Scofield as he runs from the law, you know...PB (Prison Break.)

Some of my adventures with my sister and her family, 'round town include the park, and David's Time to Talk T'ween Tunes concert at a local coffee shop, and the Cultural Arts Festival, at library square.

At the Park
Watching intently as Dave plays

The girls at bedtime

The Cultural Arts Festival

Surprisingly, today I ventured outside of my normal routine of going to the park in the morning and watching Prison Break in the afternoon, and headed for the mountains. I hiked the Pipeline at Millcreek canyon. with Solie, Sasha and Jean (Sasha's friend). It was a great change of pace, I love the mountains.

Salt Lake is so beautiful!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road Trip

For the last few weeks I have been contemplating what to do with my life. I have made little progress considering everything from moving in with my parents until something comes along, to picking up and going to Bangladesh for the summer. So, when Sasha needed someone to drive with to Utah, I was open for the adventure.

First things first, we dolled up our feet and THEN hit road.


Solie and Sasha. Solie FREAKED out and tried to climb in the front if Sasha ran over the "wakie-wakie grids" on the side road.
Me in the hotel...ready to go

A cotton CANDY cloud

Another successful adventure.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home again

My sweet nephew made this welcome home sign for me

Well I made it home. It was so wonderful to see most of my family...although I wish that they could have all been there. We were missing this one...


Of course, it was so fun to see my nieces and nephew

4 of my little angels

Here are some photos of my trip home.

Someone got a new car

Papa and Aila
Timo and Sofi

Sofia Annuka

Helena Satu

Unfortunately, I am still faced with the question "what next?" For the first time in my life, I have no idea what next month will bring. I don't even know where I'll be living. I am TOTALLY open for suggestions from Alaska to South Dakota (well maybe not South Dakota).