Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SLC, LA, Boston...SLC

For nearly the last two years I have lived as a nomad, out of my backpack, suitcase, or my car. I've had amazing adventures, and met amazing people. I am so blessed. Over the summer, I made the decision to settle down for a bit and establish tiny, microscopic roots. I debated quite a bit about whether I would settle in Salt Lake, LA, or Boston. I also contemplated, first continuing my adventures in Hawaii and ending them in Central America. Since I am fairly indecisive, I decided to "let the chips fall where they may."

In August, the chips fell in Salt Lake. I am preparing to start working at Planned Parenthood next week.

Once completing my job in Los Angeles in August, I drove to Salt Lake. I was at most 2 hours out side of Los Angeles, when I received a call from the hospital I had been working at in LA. The assistant manager asked if I could return until the end of September. I agreed to come back, after I spent a week in Salt Lake.

I had a great time in Salt Lake. I spent most of my time with the girls.

Hiking in the Canyon
Throwing rocks at city creek

Watching video games

Watching bugs

When I returned LA I spent most of my time working and hanging out with my good friend Kris.

She is such a rock star!

During my time in LA, I had some days off. I could think of nothing more enjoyable, then to spend that time traveling. I packed my bags and few to my beloved Boston. There, I was able to spend time with my brother, my sister-in-law and my nieces and nephew.

Kai at school. He is so proud of his desk

Dropping Nea off at Kindergarten. I love that all the kids are surrounding Tiff.

Kai built a fort to play in, with Aila
Showing Nea the joys of pedicures

Two days ago, I drove to Salt Lake. I am excited about my new life, although a bit apprehensive about settling down ;) I think about my new life here, constantly. This morning, I went for a run and in the midst of my anxiety, I had a realization...

I think I am going to like it here :)
for now.