Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Small Detour

Tragically my time in St Thomas is over. I took a travel nurse assignment in Los Angeles this summer. I had very little time in between my assignments and there was driving to do, classes to take and an unrelated interview to go to. However, I had timed everything perfectly.

Three days before starting work, I began my drive to LA from Phoenix, where my class had been. About an hour into my drive, I received a phone call from my nursing recruiter. My job was delayed by two weeks.

So I turned my car around, and took a little detour to Salt Lake City.

I drove by the Hoover Dam

Through Las Vegas

(The road to Salt Lake City was closed due to a wild fire, so I had to take the long way around)

And through the Utah desert.

It was worth it.

Monday, May 10, 2010


April was filled with visitors. It was so much fun to have more of the people I love on my islands.

Jasmine came first. We had a blast...but didn't take a single picture. Lame!

This is a photo of Jasmine and me from 2007. This was kind of what our trip was like, only sunnier.

After Jasmine left, my parents and little brother came to visit. I had been looking forward to their visit for months.

Here we are...

Beaching it...

Hiking it...

Paddle boarding it...

Kickin it...

It was so much fun to have family out. After my parents and little brother left, my friend Michele, part of my Boston family came out.

New Haven

In March I took a short trip to New York, in hopes of discovering my life plan. Although, I did not find my mission, I did spend some time with some of my favorite people: Seppo, Tiffany, Kai, Nea, Aila and Amy.

Tragically, we didn't take many photos. However, when I arrived back in St Thomas I found this on my camera:

I was so happy!