Saturday, March 6, 2010

A vacation

It isn't very often that you get a break from your real life, even in St Thomas. Living here, I still have the chores of daily living. Even sunny, 85 degree days and white sandy beaches can become part of a routine...a wonderful, wonderful routine.

Last week, I FINALLY got a vacation. My sister and 5 of her friends (Arianne, Kathy, Felicia, Lisa, and Courtney) came for a visit.

The seven of us stayed in my one bedroom apartment. We crammed 5 blowup mattresses into my bedroom, shared a bathroom and we claimed corners for our stuff. It was our own hostel.

We spent the majority of our days at visiting different beaches

Magen's Bay

St. John/Little Maho Bay

Just some guy and a hermit crab fort.

Coki Beach

Secret Harbor

Sapphire Beach

Smith Bay

In the evenings we explored the restaurants on St Thomas. I learned that although there is a lot of really crappy food here, there are some good places to eat too.

Of course, Leena and I decided that the most fun thing we could do on our vacation is to go for an 8 mile run, at the crack'a dawn, uphill. We climbed 1000 feet in 5 miles. We pretty much kick ass.

8 "tuff" miles

It was a seriously awesome week!